digital voice recorder hidden voice recorder

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1.    讓使用者可以隨時隨地馬上錄音,並且會和識別證、錢包或是手機一樣地帶在身邊。
    This provides a low profile and easy access for anyone who needs to record anything at any time, and you will always bring it with you badget, wallet, or cell phone.
2.    保障個人的權益,對抗權勢,主張公平正義
    Protect the rights of individuals, fight against power and advocate fairness and justice.
3.    幫助提高細心而認真的工作態度及表現
    Help improve serious work attitude and performance.

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1. 有效錄音距離可以超過5公尺。
    SLIMCA is able to identify and record voice farther than 5 meters away.
2. 超快0.2秒開機錄音。
    It only takes 0.2 seconds to switch on and start recording.
3. 真超薄,可以放到證件套或任何可以收納卡片的套子中。
    SLIMCA is so thin that users can put it in the ID case, or use it with a phone case that can hold cards.
4. 一定是個可靠的記事助理。
    SLIMCA can be used as a personal assistant.  
5. 錄音檔可以自動上傳到手機或是需端。
    Sound data can be upload via WiFi via APP and can be set to automatically back up to Google Drive.
6. 感覺就像是多了一張卡片一樣。
    SLIMCA is just like another card you use every day.

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