Our patent AI Algorithm is like IFF (Identification, friend or foe) system not only to find out strangers but also automatically disarm/ arm your home security system.

Safety is critical, but shouldn’t come at the cost of privacy.


Our system can shut down cameras nearby you to protect your private life.

100% Privacy guaranteed


Most of the false alarms are caused by human errors, without human errors means reduce false alarm!

Reduce 99% of false alarms

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Security system needs to be armed and disarmed every day. We know it's time-consuming and mind bothering.


No more forget setting or typing the wrong passcode by automatically setting your home security.

Set-Up-Free Security


You sometimes worry that Nanny will come when she's not on duty..?

Visitor management is always an issue. 


Setup schedule and permission of visitors to prevent form them to come to your house when they aren’t on duty.

Visitor Management



Motion sensor detects 'Outsiders', yet it detects Family members too. Is it possible to detect the Outsiders only?


Yes, our alarms are only triggered by strangers.

Detect Strangers Only


You curious where your pet is and what it's doing?


On top of existing live chat cameras, this one automatically follows your Target and you may live chat with.

Automatically switching cameras to Target with ONE tap

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Jerry Lin


HsinChu City, Taiwan

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